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Caprock Auto Remarketing, Loan Portfolio Servicing and Innovate Auto Finance are The Innovate Companies. We offer bulk portfolio purchases, loan and lease servicing, collateral management, asset remarketing and consulting services. Since our foundation in 2009 our mission has been to generate returns for our investors, efficiently servicing client portfolios and remarketing collateral, while maintaining expected levels of client service and customer satisfaction.

is a collateral liquidation company that assists banks, credit unions, finance companies, investment groups, and dealerships in liquidating cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs, and sport utility vehicles through wholesale channels. Clients take advantage of our volume-based pricing and our nationwide network of top-performing auctions.

Caprock is a geological term for a layer of rock that is harder and more shock resistant than surrounding layers. Rock escarpments such as buttes, pinnacles and mesas are examples of caprock. When the surrounding terrain erodes away, the caprock is often what is left standing; our company is symbolic of the geological term caprock. Our remarketing team has weathered the upheaval and erosion of multiple economic downturns. We continue to remain steadfast and solid, focusing solely on the needs of our clients.

Our Services

Caprock keeps your best interest in mind throughout every step of the remarketing process utilizing experience and market knowledge.


Why choose Caprock Remarketing?

Clients leverage Caprock’s:

• Combined client volume and scale
• Nationwide network of top-performing auctions
• Understanding of today’s used car market and vehicle values
• Certification program that increases auction yield
• Volume-based pricing
• Fast payment
• Advanced technology and software
• Efficient processes and procedures
• Flexible sales strategies based on client preferences
• Customized reporting plus real-time updates online

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